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Private jet for sale on the World marketplace.

Potential buyers looking for a Private Jet for Sale are able to use websites like Controller, Avbuyer or others, as well as The Private Jet Company website. It is easy to find a Private Jet for sale, but difficult to get the full details like price, as most aircraft are listed as "Make Offer" without displaying a price. In our experience the most difficult issue for buyers is pricing transparency and determining if the aircraft found is still for sale and it’s current price as well as maintenance and damage history. In the Private Jet sales process it is difficult to gather all this data as this is a "closed market" with little public data and pricing history, unlike Real Estate. Finding a private jet for sale is only the very beginning of the purchase process.

Once a desirable private jet for sale is located, the buyer starts the purchase process by submitting an offer to buy, together with the required deposit. Working with a private jet broker, like the experts at The Private Jet Company, the buyer has the advantage of getting the best advice as to what offer to submit, what purchase conditions to stipulate and making sure the deposit is paid into an escrow account. The private aviation expert of TPJC also work with the client throughout the entire private jet sales process, from offer, through negotiations, contracting details, inspection process, delivery details, final payment processing, licensing, registration, fueling, hangar, etc. The TPJC private aviation experts function as consultants to the buyer to ensure a satisfactory private jet purchase transaction and experience.

The best way to find Private jets for sale Worldwide

The best and easiest way to find private jets for sale is to search on the World Wide Web, most typically using Google, to find out about private jets for sale, their models, characteristics, condition, age, location, history and price. The best way to find private jets for sale is by using search phrases like: "private jets for sale", "private jets on sale" or "private jets on market" or more specific search phrases, to include aircraft models, specific locations, etc. When searching for specific aircraft models like "Hawker 800XP" or "Gulfstream G-550", much fewer results will show, as the private jets for sale may be listed slightly differently, like "Gulfstream G550", which are not the same search results.

Most potential buyers want to see a broad list of private jets for sale and not be limited to one particular broker's inventory or their exclusive offerings. As with any substantial purchase buyers want to see all private jets for sale regardless of brokers or listings, in order to compare models, prices and other conditions of the private jets for sale at the time available worldwide.

The Private Jet Company is an independent organization

Connected to the largest worldwide network of private jets and corporate jets sales specialists, professionals with years of experience in the private jet industry, all focused to assist with your private jet needs. We combine our experience of the worldwide private jet sales industry, up-to-date information from our exclusive network of industry experts to provide you with insightful, accurate detailed information to assist you make the best decision while purchasing or selling a private jet or business jet.

With The Private Jet Company, you will easily find the exact aircraft you want from among all the private jets for sale Worldwide. Our network of private jet specialists have access to the most comprehensive listing of private aircraft for sale from around the world. Our private jet specialists will analyze your preferences and requirements to establish a needs assessment based on your wishes, then use this information to locate the best private jet available for sale. Our network of specialists can provide you with an Operational Safety Report of each aircraft to ensure full flight safety. Our specialists can also negotiate terms and complete a business review of the documents, ensuring that you obtain the best possible results in your private jet sales / purchase transaction.

The Private Jet Company has the experience, dedicated expert staff of brokers and agents, full technology expertise, up-to-date technology resources and expert knowledge and long-term private aircraft industry connections in order to locate the private jet for sale anywhere to match your exact specifications, needs, wants and preferences.

TPJC is comprised of a team of expert private aircraft specialists

Dedicated to answer any inquiries regarding private aircraft transactions for sale and/or purchase. Our experts constantly keep up with available airplanes in the marketplace, initial offer prices, time on market, most recent actual sale prices, details of the transactions, discounts offered, terms of negotiations, payment arrangements, inspection requirements, regulatory details, transport arrangements and other purchase or sale transaction details

What are the trends of the private aviation market?

Dan Jennings
Daniel Jennings
The supply of private aircraft on the market currently is high in historical perspectives, and the relatively soft current demand has pushed prices of preowned private aircraft to all time lows. At the same time as private aircraft manufacturers want to keep their operation at full capacity, they are offering great sales incentives to buyers right now. Those recent trends have caused a modest uptick in private jet sales as buyers are taking advantage of the market oversupply. Aviation consultants and industry professionals have reported seeing a recent rise in the number of first time private plane buyers, brought into the market by today's relatively bargain prices for private jets.
At TPJC we specialize in the purchase and sale of midsize and large corporate aircraft

Private Aviation News

The Private Jet Company names Sergio Hernandez Vice President of Sales for Mexico

Sergio Hernandez is The Private Jet Company’s Vice President of Mexico Sales. He has degrees in Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering and is is an instrument rated Commercial pilot with 4,440 flight hours flown in various private jet aircraft.

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FlexJet Expanding Its Horizons

With all of the private jet transportation companies operating today and the array of services they offer—taxi and air charter, leasing, fractional ownership, jet cards—you might think new market opportunities are scarce. That may be true in the U.S. but not so much for the rest of the world.

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How Cheap Oil Drives Global Private Jet Sales - Part II

Dec. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Rankings Analyst Douglas Lavanture reports on cheap oil prices and the impact of private jets sales in “On The Markets.” He speaks with Bloomberg’s Matt Miller on “Bottom Line.”

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How Cheap Oil Drives Global Private Jet Sales

Nov. 19 (Bloomberg) --

The Private Jet Company CEO Daniel Jennings discusses the impact of cheaper oil on the sale of private jets. He speaks on “In The Loop.”

(Source: Bloomberg)

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Private Jet Market Throttling Up

Inventories of pre-owned heavy, large-cabin and mid-size business jets are continuing to decline, with sales stronger in the last 10 months than in the last 10 years, according to Daniel Jennings, founder and CEO of The Private Jet Company specializing in private jet sales and acquisitions worldwide.

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Gulfstream G650: Millionaires on Wait List for Jet

Dan Jennings, President of The Private Jet Company, discusses why the Gulfstream G650 is the most in-demand Private Jet ever

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China gears up for private aviation market

...The new status symbol for China's ultra rich businessmen: a private jet. But before this fad can truly take off, authorities have to loosen up strict regulations governing the domestic airspace...

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China's super rich create a whole new jet set

...The new status symbol for China's ultra rich businessmen: a private jet. But before this fad can truly take off, authorities have to loosen up strict regulations governing the domestic airspace...

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Hawker Beechcraft Preparing for Bankcruptcy Filing

...Hawker, which is based in Wichita, Kan., said on Tuesday that it had obtained $120 million in additional loans to buy it time to fix its balance sheet. In exchange, a majority of the company's debt holders agreed to defer some interest payments and grant relief from loan covenants...

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Firms, tycoons eye private jets at show

...The new status symbol for China's ultra rich businessmen: a private jet. But before this fad can truly take off, authorities have to loosen up strict regulations governing the domestic airspace...

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