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Private Jets for Sale on the Worldwide marketplace.

Private aircraft buyers want accurate and detailed information about private planes available for sale on the many websites that offer such listings, before making contact with the other party in the transaction, or with a private aircraft broker, to discuss a potential deal. The prospective buyers likely feel the information gives them a good sense of marketplace values, providing a strategic advantage as they begin their negotiations for the aircraft purchase. But despite all the listings and all the figures thrown about, preowned aircraft data on the Internet is typically outdated, incomplete and misleading. Moreover, many of the best candidate aircraft for purchase never even appear on the Web, often changing hands in broker-to-broker transactions as clients move up to a new model – unlike the auto industry, today aircraft manufacturers rarely take trade-ins. This is one reason why buyers and sellers alike need to work with a qualified and experienced aircraft broker.

The Private Jet Company was founded on the principle that an aircraft broker should be the client’s trusted advisor, whether buying or selling. We view our responsibility as not only to provide accurate information and pricing for aircraft considered for purchase, but more broadly to help the client understand current market conditions and comparable aircraft values, as well as provide referrals for prepurchase inspections and guidance on registration agents, aviation attorneys, qualified contract pilots, tax advisors and other agents who can help facilitate the transaction efficiently and with the client's best interest at heart. We also advise clients on fixed base operators for managing and operating the aircraft after purchase.

While it’s easy to find a Private Jet for sale on the Internet, it’s difficult to get the full details like the actual price, as most aircraft are listed as "Make Offer," or display an asking price that has little relation to the price the seller will accept, or a knowledgeable buyer will offer. In our experience the most difficult issue for buyers is pricing transparency. Aircraft offered on the Web for purchase may not even still be for sale, either withdrawn from the market because the owner had unrealistic views of its value, or sold (typically at a much lower price than advertised), yet not removed from online listings, as site administrators like to leave as many aircraft listings as possible to promote the appearance of having an active site. If the listed aircraft is indeed still for sale, there’s no way of determining online how or where it has been operated, its damage history, the reason for the sale, and other factors that can and should impact the transaction price. Indeed, unlike real estate, in the Private Jet sales process, it’s virtually impossible for anyone who’s not in the market as a professional buying and selling on a daily basis to have the contacts required to gather data in what is essentially a "closed market" with little public data and pricing history. The net result is that finding a private jet for sale is only the very beginning of the purchase process.

Once a desirable private jet for sale is located, the buyer typically starts the purchase process by submitting an offer to buy, and if accepted, puts down the required deposit, with the transaction contingent upon an inspection and other stipulated conditions. But today, with preowned values constantly changing and even industry pricing guides lagging the market, the offer has to be established using non-public, real world market data on actual transactions. Working with an experienced private jet broker like the experts at The Private Jet Company, the buyer has the advantage of having up-to-the-minute sales information. Our professionals provide expert advice on the offer to submit, purchase conditions and contingencies to stipulate, even the best facility to use for the all-important prepurchase inspection. We handle payments to an escrow account, protecting the buyer’s funds throughout the process. The entire private jet sales transaction is complex and filled with potential pitfalls: The offer, negotiations, contracting details, inspection process, delivery details, final payment processing, licensing, registration, and arranging for operational needs including fueling, hangaring, and crewing, must all be addressed. The private aviation experts at TPJC work with the client throughout the entire process, serving not only as brokers, but also as the buyer’s consultants, ensuring a satisfactory private jet purchase transaction experience.

Daniel Jennings

Private Jets for Sale on the Worldwide marketplace.

The supply of private aircraft currently on the market is high in historical perspectives, and the relatively soft demand has pushed prices of preowned private aircraft to all time lows. Meanwhile, private aircraft manufacturers want to keep their operation at full capacity, and they’re offering great sales incentives to buyers right now. These recent trends have caused a modest uptick in private jet sales as buyers are taking advantage of the market oversupply. Aviation consultants and industry professionals have reported seeing a recent rise in the number of first time private plane buyers brought into the market by today's relatively bargain prices for private jets.

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