Boeing Business Jet (BBJ2)

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Boeing Business Jet BBJ2 Specs.


Boeing Business Jet BBJ2 Overview

Passenger Capacity:
78 - 189
Airspeed (knots):
Range (nm):
Cabin Width:
19' 2"
Cabin Height:
Cabin Length:
79' 2"
Baggage Capacity:
640 ft3

Boeing Business Jet

Boeing Business Jet

Boeing Business Jet

BBJ2 Overview

The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), based on the B737-700 airframe, created the VIP airliner category, and was an instant hit when introduced in 1996. In 1999, the year the first BBJ was delivered, Boeing unveiled the BBJ 2, a stretched version of the private airliner based on the 737-800 airframe. (The BBJ combines the 737-700 fuselage with 737-800 wings and landing gear.) Outfitted with three to seven auxiliary fuel tanks in the belly, the BBJ 2 has a slightly reduced range from its predecessor but still easily handles New York-Tokyo, and London-Johannesburg routes. Moreover, the BBJ 2 is considerably roomier than its predecessor, with a cabin almost 20 feet (19 ft. 2 in.) longer, offering 25 percent more cabin space and double the BBJ’s baggage capacity. Deliveries began in early 2001. Aviation Partners’ blended winglets, which became an option for BBJs in 2000, are standard on BBJ 2s.

Boeing Business Jet BBJ2 Performance

Like the BBJ, the BBJ2 is powered by two CFM56-7 engines, the same powerplants found on the BBJ and the 737-800 commercial jetliner. Though the BBJ 2 is considerably larger than the BBJ, the maximum takeoff weights are virtually the same (174,000 lbs. for the BBJ 2 vs. 171,000 lbs. for the BBJ). The engines are produced by CFM International, a 50/50 joint company of GE and Snecma of France.

Boeing Business Jet BBJ2 Configurations

The BBJ 2 entered service in early 2002. Ensuring commonality as well as superior capability, the cockpit of the BBJ 2 like the BBJ features the Next Generation 737 advanced two crew six LCD screen EFIS avionics flightdeck with embedded dual GPS, TCAS, enhanced GPWS and Flight Dynamics head-up guidance system.
Even more than the BBJ, the interior can accommodate a variety of configurations with space for conference rooms; executive offices, and individual work, rest and exercise areas. And with Boeing’s global reach, customers have access to a worldwide network of service centers, parts and spares distribution centers, training centers, field service teams and other support.

Boeing Business Jet BBJ2 History

Throughout its history the BBJ family has served as “a crucible where we’re able to experiment beyond what the commercial aircraft development teams can,” in the words of BBJ president Capt. Steve Taylor, and the BBJ 2 bears those hallmarks. The blended winglets found on almost all airlines’ 737s today were developed for the BBJ. The auxiliary fuel system aboard some commercial 737s was also developed for the BBJ, as was the Enhanced Vision System (EVS). Attesting to its ruggedness and reliability, the BBJ platform serves as the airframe for two military aircraft: the P8 Poseidon, set to replace the P3 Orion patrol aircraft; and the AEW&C, a high intensity radar platform.

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