Cessna Citation Latitude

Cessna Citation Excel
Cessna Citation Excel
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Citation Latitude Specifications


Citation Latitude Overview

Passenger Capacity:
7 - 9
Airspeed (knots):
Range (nm):
Cabin Width:
7' 0"
Cabin Height:
5' 8"
Cabin Length:
21' 9"
Baggage Capacity:
100 ft3

Cessna Citation Latitude

Cessna Citation Latitude

Cessna Citation Latitude

Citation Latitude

The Cessna Citation Latitude is a new clean sheet super midsize jet designed to take its place in the Citation fleet between the XLS+ and Citation’s flagship Sovereign. Introduced in 2011, the Latitude’s first flight is anticipated in 2014, with FAA certification and first expected in 2015, and EASA certification the following year.

Citation Latitude Resemblance

Designated Cessna Model 680A, the Latitude bears a resemblance to the Sovereign, and its 6-foot high, 21-foot long flat floor, stand up cabin, with its 7’ width (widest of all Citations) and generous windows (bigger than a Sovereign’s) give the interior the feel of a larger jet.

Citation Latitude Seating

The Latitude’s standard 8-passenger configuration features a single-club seating arrangement with a forward, dual side-facing divan. Cabin environmental, entertainment and communication systems will be controlled by a Clarity system using touchscreen controllers. The cockpit will be outfitted with a Garmin G5000 digital avionics suite.

Citation Latitude Engines

Powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW306D turbofans, top cruise speed is projected at 442  knots at FL350, and the Latitude will be able to climb from sea level directly to 43,000 feet in 23 minutes, and have a service ceiling of 45,000 feet.

Citation Latitude Performance

The Latitude’s range is 2,500 nm, making it a true globetrotter, as Cessna stresses in highlighting the city pairs it links, such as Singapore and Shanghai, and Dubai to Cairo – going against the wind! Maximum takeoff weight is projected at just over 28,000 pounds, and while the company has not released figures on the empty weight, the Latitude will have ample carrying capacity, with a full fuel payload of 1,000 pounds.

Citation Latitude Prices

Such is the demand for this kind of performance at the Latitude’s price ($14.995 million in 2011 dollars) that fractional provider NetJets placed an order for 25 Latitudes with an option for 125 more well before its first flight.

Citation Latitude Design

Further highlighting the desirability of the basic design, Cessna has already introduced a stretched version, the Model 800 Citation Longitude, that will have a range of 4,000 nm and a top cruise speed of Mach 0.82. The Longitude will have the same cross section as the Latitude’s, and a 9-foot longer cabin.

Citation Latitude Heritage

The Model 680A Latitude is sure to take its place in the pantheon that has made the name Citation legendary in aircraft markets around the world.


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Cessna Citation Excel
Cessna Citation Excel

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