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How to select the most cost effective private jet

How to select the best private jet for your needs

Clients can come through all kinds of interesting relationships. I was introduced to a client through a pilot who had recently flown an executive that was considering an aircraft. This West Coast based Hotel Developer was initially considering a older light aircraft that was going to be used for extensive cross country travel and have in depth research into the clients missions and travel needs we determined the aircraft he picked was not the best match. We suggested two other aircraft that would be more fuel efficient and comfortable and although these options were more expensive they proved to be a higher residual value and easier to finance. What the client learned upon full review of the operating costs and resale value was that the newer model and more expensive aircraft would actually COST LESS in the long term. We ended up purchasing a Super Mid Gulfstream G-200 which was much more cost effective for their needs. The client flew twice as much as expected with this new aircraft and sold it at a profit one year later.
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