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How to make sure of getting the best inspection when buying a private jet

We handled an outstanding-condition 2005 Global 5000 that was purchased from a Miami based home developer after several weeks of negotiation between the seller and the buyer, the CEO of a New York based property developer. This aircraft was put through a rigorous pre-purchase inspection at the Bombardier facility and our private jet broker specialist negotiated with the seller so that the few squawks discovered were quickly corrected at the sellers expense. As the broker representing the buyer we facilitated all aspects of the acquisition process including the Letter of Intent, Purchase agreement all the way to contacting the buyer’s attorney. The aircraft was delivered in coordination with tax and legal counsel to minimize the tax implications for the buyer and the closing was flawless. The buyer is delighted with the aircraft and we continued the post sale involvement to include management company selection and owner liaison. We developed such a good relationship with both parties that as part of the sale the previous owner was allowed to charter the aircraft for a trip over the holidays.
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