Celebrating 10th Anniversary with Logo and Enhanced Services

The Private Jet Company, a leading global private aircraft broker, announced today on the 10th anniversary of its founding a new modern logo that better reflects its new image. It also announced the expansion of its aircraft leasing and management services to private jet buyers. The new logo is now being used on the company’s printed materials, ads, letterheads and business cards and will soon also be applied to its website and Social Media accounts.

The Private Jet Company (TPJC) has completed leases of aircraft ranging from a Citation Mustang to a Boeing 767-200ER. It offers both dry leases (for longer-term access; lessee pays a monthly aircraft lease rate and is responsible for all expenses, including crew, maintenance, and insurance) and wet leases (for short-term access; all inclusive lease rate covers aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance). Lease terms can range from 3 months to 10 Years, with an average monthly cost of 0.8% to 2% of the aircraft value based on lease terms and credit. “Leases are a less expensive alternative than purchasing, providing greater liquidity over the long-term and access to high-end aircraft without the liability of ownership,” said Jennings. Leasing is recommended for those who charter more than 50 hours per year.  “Our strong relationships with our partners who lease and manage airplanes enable us to quickly connect our clients to convenient and trustworthy companies who can handle all their needs,” said Daniel Jennings, President and CEO.

For those who choose to own their aircraft to meet their requirements for private travel but also want reduced costs of ownership and relief from maintenance headaches, TPJC has a long, successful track record of working with “Best-in-Class” aircraft management companies.  “Your aircraft will be positioned with a company that has multiple aircraft of the same type as yours, in your region, with a multitude of experienced pilots and crew to get the most charter hours on a monthly basis,” said Jennings. Benefits of management placement include revenue generation through a variety of charter programs; reduced annual operating expenses for fuel, maintenance, and insurance; extensive and stringent aircraft maintenance and monitoring; routine cleaning and secure hangaring; regulatory oversight and compliance; protection and confidentiality of flight activities; and flight crew acquisition, training, and ongoing management. “Our management placement services ensure that your aircraft will be operated with precision and efficiency while minimizing operational, security, and financial risks,” Jennings concluded.

The Private Jet Company provides sales, acquisition and consulting services for private aircraft in major markets throughout the world. For additional information about leasing and management services, contact Daniel Jennings, CEO.

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