Learjet 31A

No Learjet 31A Are Currently On-Market.


Passenger Capacity 8
Baggage Capacity 40 ft3
Airspeed (nm) 515
Cabin width 4' 11"
Cabin Length 12' 11"
Cabin Height 4' 4"
Lavatory Upon Request
Range (nm) 1631

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Learjet 31A The Learjet 31A was announced in 1990 as a replacement. The model 31A boasted numerous modifications, however the most notable changes would take place on the flight deck. Key modifications and updates to the model 31A cockpit and avionics include; a Bendix King (now Honeywell after the merger with Allied Signal) Electronic Flight Information System 50, with Universal 1M, 1B and 1C flight management system, a dual KFC 3100 two-axis autopilot and flight director with yaw damper, and dual Bendix King (Radios sold to Chelton Avionics when Allied Signal combined with Honeywell) VCS-40A com units, VN-411B Series III navigation receivers. In the year 2000 the Learjet 31A was again revised. Takeoff and landing weights were increased. The original design N2 digital electronic engine control (DEEC) was replaced with an N1 DEEC, and the thrust reversers became standard equipment. Another notable improvement is Honeywell's TFE731-2 to -2C engine upgrade. The original R12 freon air conditioning system was replaced with an R134A system divided into two zones - cockpit and cabin. Learjet 31A/ER The extended range version of the Learjet 31A, has a range of 1911 nm (2199 miles or 3539 km). Over all the numerous enhancements have led to more than 200 Learjet 31s in service with private operators and governments worldwide.

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