Dassault Falcon 5X

Dassault Falcon 5X Specifications

Passenger Capacity: 8 to 16
Baggage Capacity: 195 ft3
Airspeed (nm): 460
Cabin Width: 8' 6
Cabin Length: 38' 8
Cabin Height: 6' 6
Lavatory: Full
Range (nm): 5000

Currently slated to enter service in 2020, the Dassault Falcon 5X will be the company's largest-ever private jet offering, featuring a wider cabin than any previous Falcon and a six-foot, six-inch cabin height, the tallest in business aviation. Two advanced Snecma Silvercrest turbofans will power the 5X to a top speed of .90 Mach, while providing the efficiency to allow long-distance cruise range of 5,200 nautical miles, and trip legs exceeding 11 hours of flight time. Dassault states the 5X will achieve the lowest fuel consumption in its category, while also retaining the impressive short field performance for which Falcons are renowned. Everything about the 5X - from its advanced fly-by-wire controls, to its unusual ceiling-mounted "zenith window" allowing more natural light into the cabin, is designed to be at the forefront of the private jet market. 

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