Cessna Citation CJ1+

Cessna Citation CJ1+ Specifications

Passenger Capacity: 6 to 7
Baggage Capacity: 45 ft3
Airspeed (nm): 390
Cabin Width: 4' 10
Cabin Length: 11'
Cabin Height: 4' 10
Lavatory: Belted Lav
Range (nm): 1000-2500

The Cessna Citation CJ1+ (Model 525) builds upon the legacy of the CJ1 in offering impressive capabilities and passenger space, all in a package designed to be as simple to fly as possible for a single pilot. Introduced in 2005, the third-generation CJ1+ is powered by new full authority digital engine control (FADEC) Williams FJ-44-1AP engines offering improved performance with lower operating costs, the ability to depart sea-level runways in just 3,250', all while carrying four persons onboard up to 1,300 nm at high-speed cruise in a cabin that is 4.8-ft wide and provides nearly five feet of headroom. 

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Make Model Year Total Time Serial Number Price

2002 Citation Excel S/N 5233 Private Aircraft

  • Year: 2002
  • Time: 5490 Hours
  • S/N: 5233
  • Reg #: On Request

2004 Citation CJ3 S/N 10 Private Aircraft

  • Year: 2004
  • Time: 4050 Hours
  • S/N: 0010
  • Reg #: On Request

2006 Citation CJ3 S/N 87 Private Aircraft

  • Year: 2006
  • Time: 3212 Hours
  • S/N: 87
  • Reg #: On Request
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