Gulfstream G400

Gulfstream G400 Specifications

Passenger Capacity: 8 to 16
Baggage Capacity: 169 ft3
Airspeed (nm): 445
Cabin Width: 7' 3
Cabin Length: 45' 1
Cabin Height: 6' 2
Lavatory: Full
Range (nm): 3500-5000

Formerly known as the Gulfstream GIV-SP, the G400 combines all the hallmarks of earlier Gulfstream designs - including a large, comfortable cabin with seating for as many as 16 passengers - with added speed and range. Gulfstream introduced the reclassified G400 in 2008, touting an additional 1,400 lbs of payload capacity thanks to strengthened landing gear, improved electro-mechanical brakes, and slight alterations to the wing and tail. One of the most significant improvements is the change of engines from the Rolls-Royce Spey to the Rolls-Royce Tay Mk 611-8 series, providing 13,850 lbs of thrust apiece with an 8,000-hour inspection interval. These upgraded engines are responsible for a 15% increase in fuel economy and decreased noise levels, all while allowing the G400 to fly up to 14 passengers 4,100 nm nonstop, at speeds up to 0.88 Mach. 

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Make Model Year Total Time Serial Number Price

2002 Gulfstream G-IVSP S/N 1484 Private Aircraft

  • Year: 2002
  • Time: 2900 Hours
  • S/N: 1484
  • Reg #: On Request

2005 G-200 S/N 108 Private Aircraft

  • Year: 2005
  • Time: 8800 Hours
  • S/N: 108
  • Reg #: On Request

2014 G-550 S/N 5464 Private Aircraft

  • Year: 2014
  • Time: 1080 Hours
  • S/N: 5464
  • Reg #: On Request
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