Learjet 35

Learjet 35 Specifications

Passenger Capacity: 7
Baggage Capacity: 40 ft3
Airspeed (nm): 436
Cabin Width: 4' 9
Cabin Length: 12' 9
Cabin Height: 4' 3
Lavatory: Belted Lav
Range (nm): 1000-2500

Distinguished by its large wingtip-mounted fuel tanks, the Learjet 35 is derived from the earlier Learjet 25 but features powerful Garrett TFE731 turbofan engines offering increased power and reduced noise over earlier designs. Each engine provides 3,500 pounds of thrust, allowing the Learjet 35 to take off in 4,972 feet, with a maximum takeoff weight of 18,300 pounds. Capable of flying more than 2,000 miles nonstop, the Learjet 35 also offers good handling characteristics, low fuel burn, and fast cruise speeds. A maximum of eight passengers can travel in the Learjet 35’s cabin, while 40 cubic feet of baggage space provide enough room to hold about eight standard-sized suitcases.

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2016 Learjet 70 S/N 2129 Private Aircraft

  • Year: 2016
  • Time: 1752 Hours
  • S/N: 2129
  • Reg #: On Request
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